The figures behind David Alaba’s eye-watering Real Madrid contract

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Remember the Super League saga? Of course you do.

Well, few people had very little sympathy for any of the clubs involved and even fewer (if any) have any sympathy for the three clubs still desperately clinging onto the premise.

David Alaba is leaving Bayern Munich this summerDavid Alaba is leaving Bayern Munich this summer
David Alaba is leaving Bayern Munich this summer | Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have all refused to withdraw their commitment to the breakaway competition, with statements recently released insisting they remain focused on providing a brighter future for football – or some rubbish like that anyway.

It’s difficult to fathom why the aforementioned trio are so desperate to push ahead with the competition which will guarantee hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue every season, especially given the upset it’s caused among their fans and the media.

In completely unrelated news, Real Madrid have just sanctioned a five-year contract for David Alaba which will see them shell out €125m (£107m) over the next five years, by which time the Austrian defender will be 33 years of age.

Are you still buying that ‘protecting the future of football’ stuff they keep pedalling?

Despite angering the footballing world just a few weeks ago by proposing a Super League which they needed because they’ve made so many ludicrous financial decisions they’re not in a complete mess, Los Blancos have gone and made another one.

The Athletic report that Real will shell out a ridiculous £412,000-per-week, though Alaba is expected to pocket just half of that following deductions for things such as tax – poor lad.

To give you a sense of just how astronomical that figure is (as if you needed it), Bayern Munich tried to convince Alaba to stay and tabled a contract offer which would have cost them €16m-per-year compared to the €25m-per-year Real have offered.

We get the whole outbidding thing, but was there really any need to offer more than 50% extra? Really?

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