6 Software Development Challenges that Every Software Project Management Faces

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Carmella Blick

Now, the competition is very high and each and every organization is trying to get their latest product to market before their competitors, that’s the reason agile practices have never been more central to success, but there are so many things that are holding back enterprises’ time to market.

Today, I’m sharing some challenges that enterprises face nowadays:

  1. Legacy System and Infrastructure Issues
    A business has invested significant financial and human resources implementing, enhancing, maintaining and patching older legacy system and infrastructures and there may be great disinclination to replace them, even if these systems no longer meet with their needs and create a scenario where it is uphill battle for innovative software companies to get their foot into the door.
  2. Sufficient Software Specific Expertise
    The selection of a software process can be time-consuming and deadly for business owners and also for executives and is this one of the important aspects of software development challenges that organizations face in today’s times. When it comes to implementations then finding project management professionals with the relevant experience can be difficult pertaining to in-house or outsourced. In most cases, the general system project implementation skill tests may be necessary, especially when it comes to large ERP implementation. Generally, if the more complex the system, project management, and the larger the organization, the more likely direct system related project management experience will be required.
  3. Multiple Complicated User Level Requirements
    A business requires system user at multiple levels, some may be power users, some may be basic users, administers and some may be strictly IT users. But when it comes to the system implementation in the software industry then there is a need to be versed in all the different types of users with a specific system. It can range from complex to exceedingly complicate things depending on the system.
    There are some businesses that utilize user-specific models or role-based models and there is also a fair amount of technical knowledge and expertise that is required to ensure system implementation projects go smoothly.
  4. Third-Party Integration and Interface Issues
    A software vendor can no longer develop the standalone solution and there is also an increasing need for third-party integration for making it more complex for project managers if they are to increase their knowledge and experience with other software. In some cases, it can be as if they are implementing multiple systems within one project.
  5. Weighing Input From Developers
    Generally, a developer comes to you with a solution that makes you a little uncomfortable and in this situation, the best you can do is to trust your developer and your instincts. In case, if you are not satisfied with something then first ask your developer to explain it and after that share your own point of view.
  6. Quality Testing and Bug Fixes Requiring Numerous Software Iterations
    The implementation of industry systems projects are plenty and constant, and within projects many iterations of testing occur throughout the project cycle to ensure the actual outcome meets the intended outcome. This is a common approach to discover issues throughout the testing phase that require fixing and testing for resolving the issues. For this, the project manager of your enterprise needs to practice sound judgment to ensure all the issues are resolved prior to systems going live. After going live, the testing phase is critical in ensuring no additional rework is required.

These are some software development challenges and other challenges that affect the project management and are faced by many enterprises. The software industry is extremely complicated so they require project management expertise in the areas of software development, software testing, implementation, user security, quality assurance, change management, customer relationship management, business process, internal controls, and many other areas.

InApps Technology is one such outsourcing service provider that can provide business with enhanced and quality support pertaining to their software development needs, overcoming all the challenges and creating a robust and consistent solution.

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