Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals: will there be any this year?

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We’ve had a tough enough time finding any PS5 stock, so the idea of any Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals seems incredibly unlikely. Yet, while it’s true that we may not see any console or bundle deals this year, there is ample opportunity for discounts on PS5 games and accessories.

We’ve dropped some of our PS5 Prime Day predictions below. You can also find more of the best Amazon Prime Day deals on our dedicated hub page once the sale gets underway proper on 21st June or follow Jelly Deals on Twitter for regular updates across both days. If nothing appears this month, we’ll be hoping for some solid PS5 Black Friday deals, instead!

Prime Day PS5 stock

We would love to say that there will be a PS5 restock during Amazon Prime Day but the retailer has offered absolutely no indication that this will happen.

Given the way PS5 consoles have been released in intermittent waves at various stores over the last year it seems more likely that Amazon would just put their PS5 consoles up for sale as soon as they are ready to. Whether that will be during the same window as Prime Day remains to be seen

Outside of Amazon, the retailers below are worth checking if you’re still after a console, or you can get all the latest updates from our PS5 stock page.

Prime Day PS5 game deals


We’re using the recent PlayStation Days of Play sale as a barometer for what Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals we might expect to see. Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of these will be repeated, but they do offer a solid starting point.

The PS5 games reduced in that sale include Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Outside of Miles Morales, these games were not blessed with particularly large discounts, but they were definitely brought down to more reasonable prices. A repeat of all these seems unlikely, but they could be joined by Returnal – if we’re lucky.

Moving away from first-party releases, we’ve already seen some great offers on other PS5 games. Ubisoft, in particular, has not shied away from reducing PS5 games in line with their last-gen counterparts. We’ve seen Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for £30, Watch Dogs Legion for £25 and Immortals Fenyx Rising for £20 at Amazon. All excellent prices.

And we’ve still yet to mention the likes of Hitman 3, Resident Evil Village, Marvel’s Avengers, Control, Outriders and Judgment. These all feel like ones to keep an eye on when the Prime Day PS5 deals are released.

Aside from those, there could be some reductions across the range of PS4 games that have been given PS5 patches. A number of these – including God of War, Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima – are likely candidates for inclusion in the sale.

Prime Day PS5 controller deals


Deals on PS5 accessories could be an interesting one. We’ve seen in previous Amazon Prime Day sales that controllers tend to get a small reduction. It’s often been a good opportunity to replace an ageing Dualshock or grab yourself one in a snazzy new colour.

Perhaps something similar could be introduced with the PS5 Dualsense Controller – or one of its two new colours? It’s a hefty and advanced bit of new tech so a big discount this early seems unlikely. A small reduction could be possible, or a bundle with a PS5 game that allows you to get both for less than buying separately.

Prime Day PS5 SSD deals


We’re still waiting for Sony to confirm which SSDs are compatible with the console’s internal expansion slot, but you can currently give yourself more game storage space with an external hard drive for PS5. Any offers on these PS5 SSDs during Prime Day can be found right here.

Granted, you’ll have to move PS5 games back to internal storage in order to play them, but it’ll save you from needing to delete unplayed games and the tedious wait of lengthy downloads if you want to pick them up again. Handily, an external drive can be used to run backwards compatible PS4 games, so that will save some space on the internal storage for newer releases.

It’s worth considering buying one of these for that use alone, but you can be sure Digital Foundry will be back to bring you the best PS5 SSD once they’ve had a chance to test the compatible options.

Prime Day PS5 headset deals


Along with the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset, a handful of the best gaming headsets are also compatible with PS5. In previous years, the likes of SteelSeries and Logitech have taken part in the sale so there’s a good chance both will be back again in 2021.

If any of these go on sale during Amazon Prime Day we’ll be sure to share them right here.

Prime Day PS Plus deals


Now that the Days of Play sale is over, there are no PS Plus deals currently available. It was possible to get a 12 Month PS Plus Membership for £32.85 from Amazon, but that offer has since expired.

Nevertheless, we have seen Amazon offer a PS Plus deal in almost all the previous Prime Day sales. There’s no guarantee that it’ll be back – or be reduced as significantly as it is now – but you’re bound to still find a deal.

As for those looking for deals of game streaming and download service PS Now, there’s a good chance that will be reduced over Prime Day too. Expect around 25% off the price of a three month or year-long membership over Prime Day.

Unfortuntely, that’s about all we can say about any potential Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals right now. We should have a better idea over the next two weeks as we get closer to the sale kick off on 21st June. Once it has begun we’ll be back to update this page with any PS5 game and accessory offers we come across.

If it’s more bargains you’re after, you can keep an eye on the best Nintendo Switch Prime Day offers and wider Prime Day gaming deals right here.

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