Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals: what offers to expect

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All the best deals on Switch consoles, games and accessories for Prime Day.

The hunt for an Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deal is approaching once again. Previously, there have been some excellent – but very limited – lightning deals. But how will our quest for a bargain fare in 2021?

It could be tough, considering that the Nintendo Switch is still suffering from the same stock shortages that have made it hard to buy a console over the last year or so. The situation has improved dramatically since 2020, but with the Switch still selling well the odds of a truly drastic discount seem low.

Nevertheless, this could all change if the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro (or whatever it actually ends up being named) is announced in the coming days. The more powerful version of the console could encourage a price cut on the current model.

The timing may fit just right for a big Prime Day Switch bargain during the sales event. Whatever happens, you can almost guarantee Nintendo will be involved considering it’s still such a popular item. Either that or we could see a killer Nintendo Switch Black Friday offer later this year.

For now, though, you’ll be able to find every Prime Day Switch deal we spot once the sale starts on 21st June. You can also join us on our massive Amazon Prime Day deals hub page for other consoles and even more tech. Meanwhile, you can follow Jelly Deals on Twitter for any other bargains from Prime Day and other rival sales.

Not the one for you? We’re all going to be monitoring every PS5 Prime Day deal and Xbox Prime Day bargain from next week. Do keep all these pages bookmarked and check in regularly for the most up-to-date offers.

Prime Day Switch console deals

Nintendo Switch bundle with Ring Fit Adventure

Last year the best Switch Prime Day bundle included a console and a copy of Ring Fit Adventure for £314.99. Meanwhile, additional stock of the limited edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch bundle was available throughout the sale in the US.

While both were fine, here’s hoping we get a better Prime Day Switch deal in 2021.

Prime Day Switch games deals


UK deals hunters got the rough end of the stick last year when it comes to Prime Day Switch game deals. The selection was lacklustre, to say the least, with discounts on mid-tier Ubisoft games and a whole load of shovelware as the main offers. Even though Monster Hunter Rise, New Pokémon Snap and Bravely Default 2 are all recent releases, we’re hoping discounts might stretch to these this year.

Prime Day was much more exciting for those in the US, who were lucky enough to see discounts on many top first-party Switch games such as Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Super Mario Party. Fingers crossed that these sorts of offers are available in more regions in 2021.

Prime Day Switch accessories deals


As the Switch library grows the demand for extra storage space increases with it. Thankfully, Prime Day was yet another opportunity to get a Nintendo Switch SD card for a steal. Multiple sizes were discounted giving those with either smaller or bulging Switch libraries a fair deal on a storage upgrade. Expect to see these again, plus the possibility of reductions on the Switch Pro Controller and Switch Online memberships.

And that’s about all we have right now. Do keep checking in regularly as we find even more Nintendo Switch deals – and see if we’re blessed with any PS5 Prime Day offers! You can also pop over to Jelly Deals where we’re covering even more Prime Day offers outside of gaming or give us a follow on Twitter where we’ll bring you all the latest updates and lightning deals!

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