5 Most Loved Face Washes for Summer Season

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If you ask a dermatologist to suggest only one product, they’ll definitely suggest a good face cleanser. Face washes are not merely the first step of skincare, they are the heart of nurtured, healthy and radiant-looking skin. 2 minutes of daily face cleansing with a proper face wash can make most of your skin worries go.

Our Indian market is flooded with face washes of every kind. The biggest question is what to use and what to leave. Our suggestion is, you choose something that suits your skin the most. If your skin is oily choose something that will clarify the skin without ripping the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

For those with dry mature skin, stick to soothing face cleansers without soothing ingredients like aloe or rose oil. People with sensitive skin should be extra careful while picking face washes. Look for gentle skincare ingredients like cucumber, sandal, or lavender. Stronger ingredients like tea tree or witch hazel might cause sensitivity to your skin.

Whatever may your skin type and condition be, your skincare choice should be gentle, coming from organic sources, and free from harmful constituents like parabens or sulfates. Make sure you test your skin’s current needs once a while and change your facial cleanser according to that.

Something that suits you in humid summer months might not be the best choice in dry winter weather. We want you to reap the best from your daily face cleanser; here’s India’s Most Loved Face Washes 2021! 

1. Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash

Enriched with Earth Marine Water and Vanilla Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier and improves superficial imperfections like dullness and free radical damage. The oil of mint and bay leaf soothes acne inflammations and heals the skin from within.

Nourishing ingredients like Earth Marine Water, Vanilla Oil, Tejpatra Oil boost the youthful glow of your skin keeping dryness at bay. This clarifying facial cleanser is 100% free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, SLES, and artificial colorants.


1. Natural and plant-based facial cleansing formula

2. Extra mild and ultra-nourishing

3. Reduces dullness and rehydrates skin

4. Locks youthful glow

5. Fights acne-causing microbes and soothes skin

6. Suits all skin types from sensitive to oily, dry, and even mature skin


Could not find any!

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin CleanserCetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is one of the most used face cleansers worldwide. This cetyl alcohol based no-foam formula soothes extra dry eczema prone skin. The cleanser gently wipes away dirt and grime from the skin and provides deep moisturization. If you have sensitive skin and no products work for you, give this one a try. This wash can be used without water also! 


1. Cetyl alcohol-based moisturizing face cleanser

2. Works on sensitive skin

3. Cleans skin without harming natural moisture balance

4. Can remove non-waterproof makeup to some extent


1. Says soap-free but contains sulphate

2. Contains three kinds of parabens as preservatives

3. Not for oily skin

3. Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Blast Face WashLakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Blast Face Wash

The Strawberry Blast variants are definitely the top pick from Lakme’s wildly famous Blush and Glow range. This bright red colored gel face wash contains the goodness of strawberry extract along with minty freshness.

The low foam gel cleanses away superficial impurities without making the skin flaky dry. It promises to make your skin visibly luminous and flawless over regular usage. Enjoy fresh looking skin every day with Lakme Blush and Glow Strawberry Blast Face Wash!


1. Strawberry and mentha based gel face cleanser

2. Suits normal to oily skin

3. Deep cleanses the skin from dirt and gives oil-free glow


1. Not natural or organic

2. Contains synthetic fragrance 

3. Scrub beads do not do much!

4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial WashThe Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

Made from the best quality community trade tea tree oil from Mount Kenya, The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash clarifies oily and acne-prone skin like nobody’s business! The gel-based facial cleanser keeps skin squeaky clean and oil-free for hours. The strong formula doubles up as spot treatment for active pimples. From teenage acne to adult acne… if you need only one cleanser in your life, this is it!


1. Gel-based clarifying face wash for acne prone blemished skin

2. Tea tree oil-based formula deep cleanses pores and provides radiant skin


1. Expensive for a basic cleanser

2. Not suitable for sensitive and dry skin

3. Contains alcohol

5. Lotus Herbals Tea Tree & Cinnamon Anti-acne Oil Control Face WashLotus Herbals Tea Tree & Cinnamon Anti-acne Oil Control Face Wash

Coming from the popular herbal skincare brand Lotus Herbals, Tea Tree & Cinnamon Anti-acne Oil Control Face Wash regulates oil secretion of the skin and fights against environmental contaminants. Its gentle quick rinse formula penetrates deeper levels of the skin and clarifies the appearance of facial pores. Precious herbal ingredients like oak bark and cinnamon oil not only nourish the skin but also firms and rejuvenate tired skin. The formula is cruelty-free.


1. Tea tree, cinnamon, and oak bark extract enriched pimple clearing face cleanser

2. Clears clogged pores

3. Freshens up tired dull skin

4. Combats free radical damage


1. Formula is not 100% organic

2. Has alcohol and sulfate in the ingredients list.

Overall after testing the top 5 face washes I have observed that Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash works best for my sensitive dry skin. The formula is very gentle and free from toxic chemicals. I would highly recommend it to those who are looking for an effective face cleanser with a gentle formulation. 

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